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Time: The internships for undergraduate students will be during the summer vacation months (May, June, July). Usually, the duration will be 8 to 10 weeks.

Eligibility: The students who finished the 6th semester and going to 7th semester will be eligible. The second-year students who finished the 4th semester and going to 6th semester are also eligible if the company agrees.

Process: The internship selection process will start in the month of January. Companies have to register in our AIMS portal and mention details of internship (such as eligibility criteria, location of work, profile of work, any allowance/stipend, travel support, accommodation etc.)

Selection: Based on the details student will apply for internships, and some kind of selection process needs to be done to finalize.

Arrangements: In the case of international internships for the final selected students travel arrangements need to be provided.

PPO (pre-placement offer): If the company likes the student doing the internship, they can offer a permanent job to the student called PPO within two months of completion of the internship. If the student accepts the PPO they can complete their studies at IITH and join the company.

On an average more than 70% students have shown a keen interest in the internships which indicates their inclination to obtain a practical experience of the subject in the real time industry setting. We have some of the reputed companies and universities for the year’s interns such as:

1. Apex Plus

2. Autodesk

3. Boeing

4. Amazon

5. Boston Scientific

6. Continental

7. Arcesium

8. Samsung Banglore

9. Chronus

10.Great Four

11. Volante

12. Philips Bangalore

13. Progress Software

14. Qualcomm

15. TCS

16. Salesforce

17.Tata Sons

18. Wipro

19. Tata Steel

20. Zuti

21. Rakshak Foundation

22.Works App

23. UnitedHealth Group

24. Uurmi


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